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  Janice Hank from Corcoran, MN (2402 T-2) message 54 · sent: 2014-01-24 05:52
My family of 5 just returned from our 1st visit to Oaho, Hawaii. We stayed in 2402 T-2 at the Waikiki Banyan. The condo was perfect with perfect views of the ocean & Sunsets from our 24th floor view! Kids slept on comfy futons with all bedding provided. Full kitchen was perfect for preparing meals with groc purchased at Safeway. Location is convenient for walking to waikiki beach, shops, restaurants & church. We also used transportation of bus & trolley to go to Pearl Harbor & Ala Moana shopping mall. Very easy & cheap to get around. We enjoyed the use of the Pool, hottubs, bar b que grills & same floor laundry (need to provide your own soap). Condo was clean & quiet & met lots of wonderful people. Jackie was very easy to work with & helpful in answering our questions. I highly recommend
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