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  Tubod Cebu from cebu (Cebu Resort- Tubod Flowing Waters) message 93 · sent: 2018-04-04 09:54
Come and see Cebu's finest spring resort
with 4 large swimming pool

It is a one of kind spring resort
that everybody loves... - click here

room good for 2: P 1,600/night Philippine pesos

day entrance only no rooms: P 180/person pesos ($USD 3.50)

take your family and friends

Take that refreshing plunge when in Cebu Island

We change pool water everyday. You can bring food with no corkage fee

call 032- 272 3467 ,
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  Katherine Gardiner (Fascinating history) message 92 · sent: 2015-09-17 03:09
I had known about the 5 Brown Boys but I never really knew how they formed since my dad never really told us (then again, I don't recall any of us asking for details either). Thank you for posting the history of the band.
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  princess generoso from Manila (Gene Generoso) message 91 · sent: 2014-12-29 21:53
Hi! I'm Gene Generoso's daughter. My dad passed away on the night of December 28. His cremation is at 5pm tomorrow, December 30 in St. Peter's Chapel Davao.
Let me thank everyone who have shared their love and sympathy in FB. Thank you for mourning with us. We sincerely appreciate all the efforts. God bless you all.

As they all say, my dad is rockin' now in heaven.
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  Danny Diaz from Hong Kong (Looking for Ramon Eleazar - Drummer ) message 90 · sent: 2014-08-03 05:55
Hi There,
I am looking for the Drummer Ramon Eleazar whom I met in Acapulco during the years 1972 -1974
He was with the Band the Originals International and played at the Mil Luces Lounge - Plaza International Hyatt Hotel Acapulco, Mexico

Ramon , It would be great to hear from you!!
I will be in Manila for a visit soon and would love to get together and who knows there could be possibilities

Do get back to me asap
Danny Diaz
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  cynthia caberte rufo (band photos) message 86 · sent: 2013-06-29 19:27
hi tolits i have some photos here will try to send them , i was a member of the Imperials band with of course my brothers andy and jun caberte , Emerald Green with toto ealdama,brother andy nato canlas etc. , D'Echoes band with bunny merchadesch , gil [tacio] cruz etc.,Choice 69 Band with jess dungan,noel and ben valventa,two more bands will look for these photos.

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  TORREFRANCA (BAKET TINANGAL ANG Walkin' Graves?) message 85 · sent: 2013-06-16 13:45
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