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  Ethan from Cincinnati, Oh (Black and white kitten) message 4 · sent: 2014-12-05 17:36
Hello Diane,
I was wondering about your cute black and white kitten. I had a cat that looked just as beautiful when i was younger. His name was Fudgey. It has been a little while since i could have a cat, where i live now doesn't allow pets, but i am going to be moving soon and have been feeling the need to get a cat. I fell in love with your little kitten today, and i feel that i could give him a place where he can be loved and cared for with the highest respect. Please contact me anytime
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  Annie (Hello!!) message 3 · sent: 2011-04-01 22:35
Hi Diane

Hope you're well and still working hard with your physio   We have bright sunshine here today so hope you're enjoying good weather too   Just wanted to say that you're website look lovely and the kitten page had me entranced this morning... had a few tears as the little black and white kitten reminded me so much of my darling Oskar who I still miss dealrly but remember every day with love. Stay well and love to both you and your Mum... Annie xx
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  Steven & Lynn message 2 · sent: 2011-02-14 05:03
Hi Diane,
            Site looks fab!!! you need to get a previous litter page so you can show off our 2 GORGEOUS girls!!! To anyone reading this, we got our 2 stunning girls from Diane, not only did we get 2 amazing cats we made 2 great friends with Diane & Kath(her mum) they are always there for advice & support, their cats are not just stunning but have a SUPERB temperment!!!!
                    Love from Steven,Lynn,Bo&Jazz xx
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  Diane (Lunaraine Norwegian Forest Cats) message 1 · sent: 2011-02-14 04:10
Hi All

Welcome to Lunaraine Norwegian Forest Cat website  
I hope you enjoy your visit to my website and looking at our gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cats who we adore

Please feel free to sign this guestbook or email me privately if you wish to know more information about the Norwegian Forest Cat breed or kittens that we may have available.

Best Wishes
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